A Whirlwind European Adventure



Embarking on a journey that traverses the vibrant cities of Europe, from Sofia to Barcelona, and culminating in the elegance of Milan, offers a tapestry of experiences that linger long after the trip concludes. My recent adventure, starting with an overnight drive to Sofia and encompassing flights, buses, and breathtaking landmarks, was a whirlwind tour of stunning sights and personal challenges. From the architectural marvels of Barcelona to the picturesque views of Montserrat, the charm of Marseille, and the glamorous ambiance of Monaco, each destination left an indelible mark. Despite the exhaustion and occasional disappointments, this European escapade was a blend of excitement, awe, and cultural enrichment.



First, I drove at night to Sofia. I left the car in the parking lot and we went to the airport. We flew to Barcelona at 6 am. It was my first flight ever. What I experienced in the first 30 minutes was indescribable fear. Then I calmed down. But it was an exciting experience. After we arrived in Barcelona, a bus was waiting for us at the airport. It drove us to the central part of the city and let us walk around for a few hours. I was already so tired and just wanted to get to the hotel. I thought that after this walk we were going home…but – NO. Then they took us to the Sagrada Familia – the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, my phone battery died. Then we went to Park Güell – also a lovely place! Everything was super beautiful and colorful there. I loved Barcelona. But the pain in my legs and the lack of sleep ruined me. After visiting these places, we headed to the hotel in Costa Brava. It was already 22:00 when we checked in. I had dinner and fell asleep. The next day we stayed there. A short walk in the morning and then an afternoon nap. Dinner and sleep again. I had never felt so tired.


The next day we visited the Barcelona Stadium. I can’t tell you much because I’m not interested in football and I didn’t enter the museum. The stadium was also under renovation. Then they took us to Montserrat, a place with an incredibly beautiful view. I also visited the museum. There were mostly paintings, but also statues, mummies, etc.

On the 4th day, we were in Marseille. Again, I was amazed by the beauty. Mountains and sea literally in one place. Truly a heavenly place to live, except for the high crime rate and fear of losing your purse. We walked around Marseille on a train that goes up to the Cathedral. Again, a sight that leaves you speechless.

On the 5th day, we toured Cannes, Nice, and Monaco. The festival was held in Cannes. Too bad I couldn’t get in. I really wanted to. Apparently, I still don’t have a place among the stars
We also had a nice walk in Nice. We went up to the amazing waterfall. We drank coffee in cafes. It was quite nice. There was also an event in Monaco. They were preparing for F1. Monaco’s infrastructure is interesting. Tunnels and elevators to move from one place to another. The Paris Hotel and the casino are perhaps the most impressive, as are the cars in front of them.
I didn’t go in to try my luck at the casino as I’m against gambling, but the building is simply stunning.


In the evening, we left for Italy. It was a pretty nice hotel. The next day I was in Milan. I wasn’t very impressed. It was dirty. There were so many people on the main street – you couldn’t breathe. Maybe if I had 20k to spend in the shops I wanted to visit – I would have liked it. But in this case – no.

As the journey drew to a close in Milan, with its bustling streets and high-end shops, I couldn’t help but reflect on the multitude of experiences packed into those few days. Each city offered its unique flavor, from the colorful vibrancy of Barcelona to the serene beauty of the French Riviera and the luxurious aura of Monaco. Although Milan didn’t captivate me as much as the other destinations, the overall trip was a remarkable adventure that broadened my horizons and provided memories to cherish. Traveling through such diverse landscapes and cultures not only satisfied my wanderlust but also deepened my appreciation for the world’s incredible beauty and complexity.